Dangerously Beautiful is probably one of the more meaningful songs personally on this project. While struggling to come to terms with my mother's illness and her eventual death, I often took comfort in reading children's stories to my kids at night. It was there that I found inspiration in a short line from the CS Lewis novel "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe."

Susan asks "Is he (Aslan) quite safe?"

The Beaver thinks for a moment and then responds... "Safe? ...Course he isn't safe. but he is good."

I am sickened by the way that Evangelical Christianity today tries to "sell" God as some big "Santa in the sky" who will give you all that you ask for if you only pray harder, say the right words and oh yes... support their ministry.

Personally, I believe that not everything that God will ask us to be a part of in this world is "safe". In short, life isn't always pretty. It doesn't always make sense and there isn't always some instant reward or payout waiting for us on the other side.

Is God safe? No... but He is good and in that I take some refuge.



Words & Music by Michael Bannerman

Hey my secret's out

You finally know what I'm all about

It seems you've found me out

I'm a coward - afraid of who You are

And You tell me that You love me

What does that mean?

And can You really love someone like me?

I am a hypocrite

That runs to You in the thick of it

I get so sick of it...

All these games, these silly games I play

And you tell me I'm forgiven

What does that mean?

And can You really forgive someone like me?




I have often asked to see

A small glimpse of Your mystery

But when You know show yourself to me

I shut my eyes and turn my head away

And You tell me You will lead me

Where will we go?

And can You lead someone to scared to follow?


I ask You to speak, then I cover my ears

I push You away after drawing You near

I long for Your touch, yet I tremble in fear

So afraid... Afraid of who You are




You're Beautiful