As a writer there are always those songs that don't quite go where you hope they will. Unfortunately for me, this tune is probably one of those. It's not that I don't like it... I really do. The lyrics especially speak to me and remind me of better days... but when I look back on this one I'm not always confident that I gave the tune the right approach and treatment. 

In the beginning this tune was actually a ballad but it was just too long and drawn out. I tried cutting out some of the lyrics in an attempt to shorten the song a bit but I just couldn't bring myself to leave anything out... so instead I decided to play with the actual style and approach to the tune. The result was this sort of 60's/80's hybrid with a catchy melody and fun "Thing You Do / Beatlesque" drum thing going on. 

I have always that great songs were the perfect marriage of lyrics and melody. In this case I often think that the lyrics were great and the melody was great... but they just didn't make the right "couple" or "marriage". In some ways the tune is perhaps a little too "happy" for the mourning sentiment of the lyrics. Having said all that, the tune does still speak to me and was definitely a part of the whole process... so it made the final cut.

NOTE: This was actually one of the first songs written in this whole recording process and originally appeared on a fundraising compilation project for a group called "Instrument Lenders Canada" here in Stratford. The group does great work buying instruments and lending them out to kids - much in the same way you check out a library book. I can't say enough good about them and I am personally a huge supporter of their work. Again... love Glen's guitar work on this tune and probably one of my favorite tunes as far as hearing my brother's harmony and keys... very "us".


Words & Music by Michael Bannerman

I remember bedtime prayers sitting on your knee

Up in your rocking chair there was always room for me

And the monsters in my closet could not find me there

No the monsters could not find me there

I grew older, as young boys often do

And a lifetime of adventure took me far away from you

But I know that you were always waiting up for me

You were always there for me

Come sit with me, just a little longer 

Let me hold you close and tell you I'm in love with everything about you

Come and sit with me just one last time

One last time

One last time

One last time

It's tragic how life changes, cause I'm now holding you

We've got that same old rocking chair but I don't know what to do

I just try to keep the monsters far away from you

I just try to keep the monsters far away


And maybe I'll be strong enough

Maybe I'll be strong enough

Strong enough that I could let you go