The one thing that I have always admired about U2 frontman "Bono" is his ability to capture so much emotion in his falsetto parts. I mean, he doesn't have to say a word... just go there... and we all feel the pain. 

For me, "Sad Song" is a bit like that. I sat down one night in a whole lot of pain and just let the emotion pour out. It's one of those songs that I sing when really no words can do justice to how I feel.  It's simple... and to the point. In fact, from an actually "writing" perspective I think that I wrote this whole tune in probably 15 minutes with very few changes in the re-write... and yet, for me it is probably one of the more intimate and personal moments on the project and always an emotionally difficult song to perform live because it always takes me back to that moment when it was written.

NOTE: This is really one of my "favorite" guitar moments on the project. I think the thing I love about Glen's playing has always been the texture and sensibility of it... so many guitar players would have just drowned out the space and simplicity of this tune with some lick... not Glen... he just enhances it. Love what he did here...


Words & Music by Michael Bannerman

I need a sad song

To keep me company

Here in this misery

Sad song

Is there a melody

A soulful symphony 

Wings to carry me

Sad Song

(Chorus - Ooooo)

I need a bitter pill

Something to numb the pain

To bring some life again

Bitter pill

Is there some mystery cure

For this disease

Help me please

Bitter pill


And I'm not looking for the answers

I'm not trying to run away

I think all that I'm searching for 

Is a little light along the way