It's funny, this tune almost didn't make the "cut" for the project. Not because I don't personally love it... I do - but just because I was worried that it had too much of a "kid" feel to it and didn't quite fit.

It was actually my son who was 5 year old at the time that talked me in to including it because it was his "favorite" and well... in the end I wanted him to have something on the CD that he loved to listen to. 

I'm glad I listened to him though, because again... it seems to be a song that resonates with people on some level and I get a lot of letters about it. For me, it also really does suite the theme of the project in a sense because it does focus on fatherhood, family and all those things that "matter". 

If you get a moment, be sure to check out the YouTube video on this tune. It was kind of a fun moment that Caleb (my son) and I had with my friend Peter Goodyear who is kind of in to the whole video stuff. Yes I know... I look terrible in tights... but my son manages to pull them off... and hey, I got to be a superhero for the day - how cool is that?

NOTE: There is a violin part in here that I personally just love for the texture it brings to the chorus. I recorded it by tuning down my violin and really focussing more on catching the low vibration than any actual "note". Also... I totally love Glen's guitar riff on the bridge in this tune... it just takes you back to some of the classics. I'm guessing we probably went there because of the use of the word "Satisfaction"... how can you use that word and not think of the Rolling Stones?


Words & Music By Michael Bannerman

When I was a child I had a certain flare

For tying on a towel and running round in underwear

I chased down all the villains, rescued kittens in dispare

And every night before I'd sleep I'd pray this simple prayer

I want to be, I want to be a superhero

I want to be, I want to be a superhero


Well I finally got a little older, but the dream just wouldn't die

And every once in a while I'd jump just to see if I could fly

My daddy thought I was crazy so he had a chat with me

He said "Son, you ain't a boy no more...

So decide what you're going to be"


I want a life that's packed with action

I want to save the world from wrong

I want some simple satisfaction

All I need is a theme song...

Well now I am a father and my son he's got a flare

For tying on a towel and running around in underwhere

I tell him that he's crazy and ask him what he's trying to do

He stops and laughs and says "hey dad...

I only want to be like you!"