I am amazed at the response I have had from men (and some women) in regards to this song. It seems to really resonate with a whole lot of people. 

I actually wrote this tune while out shopping for... you've got it - a mini-van. I find it amazing how difficult this whole process is for men - but it really is. It's not that the mini-van is in anyway a bad vehicle, in fact for the most part it is a very practical, well designed way of getting around. But let's face it... that's why it's so difficult for a guy to break down and buy... because it's all about being "practical".

Take a look at your typical sports car. They only sit two people. They have little to no storage space and well... you get the picture. To buy a mini-van is to admit that your days of the "sports car life" are no more.

I could go on... but let me just say this. When I got married and settled down the idea of kids was so far from my mind. Don't get me wrong - I liked the "idea" of kids and family... but I really didn't think that I was "that sort of guy". You know, the kind of guy that is willing to give up what I perceived to be "the good life" - the vacations for two in the Bahamas, touring with the band, golfing on my days off, and all that nice "stuff"... in exchange for Disney, boy scouts, music lessons and well... the mini-van.

Well here I am... we are expecting our fourth child the end of March and although life is "busy" (to put it nicely) I really can't imagine it any other way. I like where I am and to be honest, I'm better off for it. Plus it could be worse... it could be a full-size van - which I promise you is NOT happening. Honest! 

I've included the chords with the lyrics here... just in case any of you want to "join in" and sing along. :-)

Note: This tune features some really great Accordion playing by Dean Harrison who really took the tune in a great direction. Can't thank him enough for what he added to this project!



Words & Music by Michael Bannerman

G                  Em                C                              G

When I was sixteen I was going to change the world

          C                   G                       C                                     D

I was going to be a rock star - drive fast cars and chase fast girls

G                           Em                 C                    G

Nothing you could tell me would ever slow me down

          C                       G

I was reaching for the heavens

         C                        D

I had both feet off the ground

Am                                    D

There’s so much I did not know

Am                                     D

There’s so much I did not know


When I turned eighteen well I think I lost my mind

I was going to be a lawyer, drive a Porche and drink fine wine

Ya, I’d be stinkin’ rich - King of all the world

I’d buy all the cool toys and date only “uptown” girls

Am                                    D

There’s so much I did not know

Am                         C         D

There’s so much I did not know


                    G                 C

Now here I am a grown man

            Em                                                       C

And it seems that things did not turn out just as I had planned

                       G                            C

But that’s “alright”, ya that’s “ok”

              Em                                         C

‘Cause I love the skin I’m in and I’m better off this way

                      Am                       C

But there’s still one thing I just don’t understand

Am                                       C             D                        G

How did I wake up here behind the wheel of a mini-van?





When I turned twenty-five I was going to be a saint

Fix the hole that’s in the ozone, save the whales and learn to paint

I’d start a revolution with just the sandals on my feet

And bring the world a little sunshine 

Playing my guitar on the street



I just turned thirty-five - I guess I’m halfway done

Well I’m no saint or rock star, as for money I have none

But I found myself a woman and she means the world to me

We had ourselves some children - yeah we’re one big family 

There’s so much I still don’t know

There’s so much I still don’t know


G                                                C

Na na na na na na na na na na na na mini-van