One of the great things about this project is that I did a number of things when recording it just because they were always things I "just wanted to do". One of these "things" was to co-write a tune with a songwriter and friend whom I can not say enough great things about... Ali Matthews. 

The chorus for "The Things You Leave Behind" has been floating around on a number of my "writing tapes" for years, but I could never seem to get beyond it and write the verse. So one night while speaking with Ali about a few tunes I passed it on to her... and the result was that she came up with this beautiful folk based ballad type tune that sounded amazing when she sang it. 

I then took the tune in to the studio and began to play with it. While trying a number of different things with the tune we decided to try it "a little faster"... the next thing we knew we had put together this "Cars" sounding, 80's anthem rock tune that was so far from the original song... and yet we couldn't seem to let go of it. So we moved forward with this version... tweaking it along the way... and each night I would come home from the studio and try to figure out just how I was going to "present" the new version to Ali in such a way that she would ever consider writing with me in the future.

Lucky for me, when I showed it to her the response was not "get out and take this crap with you" :-) but instead she was thrilled to have finally "written a rock song".  I think what I love best about this tune being on the project is that lyrically it really does have a message that I think sums up the project and one that I hope people really get from listening to the tunes on here... the message is this... life is short, make it count and don't waste it on the things that don't really matter. Thanks Ali... you really do rock! :-)

NOTE: I had a lot of fun laying down the keyboard tracks on this... we had this crazy analog synth thing and ya... great memories of tracking it with Glen. I think that the other thing I love about this tune is that as much as it's an all out rock anthem... you can still catch the folk tune in it if you listen... Good Times!


Words & Music by Ali Matthews and Michael Bannerman




It's not the Hell that you've survived

But the hurt that you forgave

It's not the wealth that you've aquired

But every sacrifice you've made

And its a complicated life

But in the end it's clear, that what matters is the legacy

And the things you're leaving here


They'll forget your pretty face

And the castles that you've built

The impressions that you've made

Or what you've offered out of guilt

But it's the laughter of your children 

And the times you held them near

'Cause what matters is the legacy 

And the things you're leaving here


Oh I know my days are numbered

And only time will tell

Did I savour every moment?

Did I finish well?