As most of you know, I am willing to post every review that comes in... both positive and negative BUT let's be honest, it is always a lot more fun to post the positive ones. Here's a brand new review of the LOSING BALANCE project from WILDY'S WORLD and ya... it was definitely one that I would consider FUN to post as he gives the project 4.5 stars out of a possible 5.

Wildy from WILDYS WORLD (Muisc Blog) writes:

Losing Balance progresses out like a one-man play set to music. Michael Bannerman uses his writer's pen to expertly compartmentalize moments and emotions from his life; parsing out grief, loss, love and healing in small doses as the story calls for. Bannerman mixes serious thoughts with a healthy sense of humor and a touch for winning Rock and Pop hooks, turning Losing Balance into a listening experience you'll want to repeat. The flow and cohesion of the album are rare in a day and age where many artists manufacture single songs like processed cheese, and Bannerman's pleasant, efficient vocal style delivers each song without pretense or affect. Losing Balance certainly hasn't received the attention it deserved, as Michael Bannerman quietly put out one of the better all around efforts during 2009.

Check it out the full review here at:  WILDY''S WORLD